Support Papers

We wrote some article to explain some peculiarity of our production or some special tool we may offer and requires a detailed exlaination


Working with capillaries is a relatively simple technology, but nearly identical capillaries may be selected to assure an accuracy, repeatability and long term stability that may not be reached other ways.


One of the advanced functions we did include in all our products is the “Continuous dilution operating mode” : in addition to the mode “Selecting step by step the dilution factors” the BetaCAP series dividers may cover continuously the dilution range, as MFC does.  This paper explains how.

CAP60.3G SelfTest

A special feature of the gas divider BetaCAP60-3G is the “Self calibration” : it’s a calibration method that uses an internal not traceable five ranges flow meter used to check the correct proportion between all the capillaries groups.  The procedure is a sequence of 5 phases : each phase the flow measurements (two or three measurements) involve the same number of capillaries (one group or one couple of groups) comparing a measured flow with his known relative error with flows with the error to be calculated. The starting point is fixing one capillary as reference (error = 0) the following … you will see.