BetaCAP30X100 is a very wide dilution range gas divider. It’s built joining two modules : a “fixed prescaler” with 100 capillaries and a betaCAP30.  The luky result offers two dilution ranges : with prescaler bypassed ir runs as a BetaCAP30 with 30 dilution steps in the range 0…100%, with prescaler active it’s available a second range with 30 steps from 100:1 up to 6000:1.  The second range is perfect to test linearity of air quality analyzers using high concentration span gases.WP_20150924_15_46_14_Pro

As all the diluters of the series BetaCAP, it’s equiped  with pressure sensors (6 points) and electronic PID control.  The user may set one pressure for the 100:1 prescaler and one for the 30 steps divider to set the wanted output flow : the device will calculate the other set points and control accordighly.   The pressures controls offer a repeatability +/- 1 hPa.

Schema CAP30E30In fact, the repeatability is required, but accuracy is an option, because just the pressures ratio affect the dilution, then a fast pressures calibration procedure had been set up using just ambient pressure (zero) and a not traceable pressure (Span) for both the modules. The advantage is that pressures drift is corrected frequently, getting always the best dilution alignment.

Diluting span gases including high concentrations of active components (>1%) the difference in viscosities of the two input gases must generally be considered : inputting in the test gas menu the viscosity values (you may find on an auto-calculator at the link ) the diluter do provide compensation of the effects.

Using the “Set diluted concentration”mode, a continuous dilution range from 0.01666% up to 98,33% is available in addition to zero and span

BetaCAP30X100 is built in a rugged 19″ rack 3U 250 mm deep which, when requested, is protected by a plastic case with handle.