All the gas dividers of the BetaCAP family are equiped with 3 or 4 analog inlets for analyzer measuring signal and RS232 connection to PC : connecting them, the gas divider may be fully managed by the PC software InfoCAP3000.Diagram DB

The functions of InfoCAP3000 are :

– keeping in a relational Data Base all information about instruments to be tested and available gas cylinders, related to a “Location” or “Client”

– Test procedures are stored in a simple way (chaining elementar steps with a function and attribute (like time or dilution rate).  No limits in steps number nor in stored procedures number.

Cattura– Test procedure runs for editing a test report, easily customized, including the test conditions, the list of instructions with the trend of the tested concentration (requested and measured) and finally the results , indicated as required by the Norm EN14181, according to flagged compensations like “Viscosity compensation” (Viscosity of the mixtures is calculated by the software) or “Certified errors compensation”

 – Test procedures do store the elements required to get a full report and the user may print later those informations indicating which form (more forms may be easily designed and stored) must be used.

All the functions the diluter may perform in local way may also be performed remotely, and additionally, in remote way, the input mixtures viscosity is automatically calculated.