Our products

As reported in our mot, we design and produce just gas dividers but…  that’s more than enough to allow high specialization and new ideas generation.

Our own philosophy, supported by results, is to apply internal references during all the factory calibrations (MFCs errors correction and capillaries selection) and external referred references for final certifications.

Our support for that strategy comes from the fact that dilution rate is just a pure number (gas to be diluted flow / diluted gas flow).


Test bench for final capillaries selection

Our customers may accept some uncertainty in the value of the diluted gas flow, but require that dilution rate is as accurate as possible, and this requirement is very well accomplished when capillaries are nearly equal one each other, independently from their values.

Than our gas dividers use “virtually identical” glass capillaries classified and then selected comparing the flows (applying a constant pressure) and using as reference one capillary extracted from the lot.

The picture shows the tol we use for the final selection of 30 equal capillaries : it’s a capillaries matrix where each capillary may be measured and 36 capillaries are scanned automatically in a very short time