About us

Be.T.A. Strumentazione designs and build very accurate gas dividers to calibrate gas analyzers and to test measurement linearity and cross sensitivities.

After having made some experience (very interesting anymore) with a different technique, we did select definitely the equal capillaries : until then this technique was used in a very basic way…too much basic !  A world of unexplored development opportunities was just waiting us.Diluter

The basic principle is simple : equal pressures applied to equal capillaries induce equal flows, then the matter is moved to the numbers : feeding a number N of  capillaries with the span gas and the rest of capillaries with a neutral gas the output mixture is diluted in the ratio N/TOT

The first unit we did produce was very different from the existing, but, never satisfied, we did implement more and more useful functions and also did apply some improvement to keep the hardware more and more rugged : nearly all the new developments had been given for free to our clients.

In that time, we did introduce new products to satisfy more advanced requirements, but the base line (using equal capillaries and the way of assembling the diluter) was never left.      Now our offer is suitable for nearly all the applications requirements.

We was also obliged to design and produce more than one special tool for selecting equal capillaries… you knows, nothing is really equal in the real word, but we want to approach as it’s possible the theoretical equality.    We are helped by the fact that measuring very similar entities (in our case flows having applied a constant pressure) is much easier than selecting entities in different proportions : repeating measurements nearly equal allows us to set the measuring span very near to the measured values (high resolution) and to use the same meter for all the measurements we must get.

The drift is easily recovered by checking periodically a “reference” capillary extracted by the same lot we have to classify and the linearity of the meter is not required, because the measured values are very near and we don’t care about the real value, but just to matching the capillaries (differential measurements).