Borosilicate glass capillaries : the raw material for our gas dividers

Diluting gases is required when more reference standard gases are needed departing from just one standard gas reference and one carrier gas :  the got reference gases uncertainty depends from the original mixture uncertainty and from the gas divider accuracy.

When linearity tests are done on gas analyzers using diluted reference gases, the accuracy of the original gas mixture don’t influence the test result : the gas divider provides a sequence of CRMs, linearly scaled according to the user settings.

When the test circuit has been setup with a gas divider, the full linearity  test procedure may be done, for each measured component, without moving gas cylinders, pressure reducers and relevant connections to the gas analyzer under test.

Using a neutral gas as diluent, all the components of the original mixture are diluted in one time, with the same selected dilution factor.

In this case, the concentration of the diluted gas is equal to the original mixture concentration, multiplied by the dilution factor Kdil., where Kdil. = gas to be diluted flow/(gas to be diluted flow + diluting gas flow).