BetaCAP30 is a compact gas divider with 30 glass capillaries that may produce accurately 30 dilutions linearly spaced in the range 0…100%.   In a clean environment as we have using gases from cylinders, glass made capillaries conserve their properties unchanged for many years, despite shocks and vibrations : other technics have not this advantage.


With 30 “nearly identical” selected capillaries the dilution rate may be selected in steps of 1/30.    Having identical capillaries is another big advantage in terms of accuracy, linearity and thermal stability : selecting equal capillaries is a much easier task than selecting other proportionally scaled components.

The pressures across capillaries are accurately measured to allow the electronic PID control to make an optimal pressure balance.  It’s just required that the two pressures  stay in the wanted ratio : this allows calibrating the pressures  sensors frequently applying to all three sensors (TG1, TG2 and OUT) the same reference (ambient pressure for zero and a not traceable pressure for span).  Having calculated pressures set points BetaCAP30 may provide some clever function,  as  the certified errors correction (without moving the steps values), the different viscosities compensation and the continuous dilution (not just step by step).

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